How to maintain the boat

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1. Wash and Clean Your Boat

·Washing Boat can protect its appearance due to the exposure of the vessel to the water. Routinely flushing the vessel with fresh water protects its outer casing. If the    vessel is exposed to salt water, the western medicine is specially equipped with marine soap, soft brush and wax. They can clean the ship's harmful residues and keep it  clean.

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2. Change the Oil and Oil Filter Regularly
  • Changing your boat’s engine oil and filter at its recommended service intervals keeps engine parts lubricated and the internal engine temperature from rising above a safe level.
  • Always consult your boat’s owner’s manual for information regarding oil requirements and oil and filter change frequency.

3. Protect the Battery in the Winter

If you leave your boat battery (or battery) idle in the cold storage for a long time, their life expectancy will be at least a little shorter in the summer.

When you get your boat back in the spring, avoid facing a dead battery, charge and store the battery in a separate, gentle place, and store it only after they have been cleaned.

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4. Know Your Fuel Additives and Stabilizers

Refueling your boat regularly to make sure that you have plenty of gas for your next adventure and prevent moisture from getting into your fuel tank, carefully follow your boat manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to fuel additives.

When you put your boat into storage , be sure to empty the fuel tank or protect it with a fuel stabilizer recommended for your model.


 5. Check Your Propeller Often 

propeller maintenance is a key part of keeping unnecessary repair costs at bay. Before you set out on any boating endeavor, make sure that the propeller is tight and secure. Routinely inspect the propeller for wear.

Make sure that the propeller shaft itself is free from debris. It’s not uncommon for fishing line to get wrapped around it, which can lead to gear case leaks.

When it comes to boat maintenance, a little extra time on your end is all you need to keep your vessel looking and running like new. We hope you’ll take these boating tips and run with them!