Prepareing in advance



This is the 52inch LED Light Bar plus the 18 watt spotlights LEDs .

Going to be winging this .



Pick up  extra wire  ,  weather proof wire nuts , zip ties ,weather stripping


Install step

This part they give you this gasket put on the inside here .to protect the metal to toughen the paint .So we will see just got to peel the sticker off the back apply that right here so youjust peel off the backing . We are going to installing this on the 2011 Jeep Wrangler .

We are just loosening the  bolts that are going to hols the bracker in place describe the allen wench that comes with your jeep . You should be able to take these out no problem . We just put the bracket up on the front driver’s side and now we’re just reese crewing the  bolts back into place alright.Maker sure you shove this over and then the lines then holes will line up as you can get the screw back in get the bolt back in but overall the thing is this thing is nice the sturdy which is good .and do the same thing on the other side .



So we got the light bar up the trick is you of the two screws use the smaller screw and add the washer and then do the same thing for the other side.

And now we are onto the wiring ,first step always unhook the negative terminal of your battery .this way you do not risk shorting any thing out .What we are going to do is we are going to splice these wires together from the light bar ,we are going to run it down and then  get it into inside to the engine bay somehow we are also going to hook up the LED spot lights on each end and going to all splice all those wires together .


18 LEDS Install

18 Volt LED lights they give you this . this bolt give you two nuts and two different types of washers , so the first thing is you take this bolt slide through the bottom here . And then you take the light and put that through the bottom of this , take the washer put in here take the other not do that screw that on like  , so we have got  this washer I drop and run  adn we take this slide  this right into this assembly clip the washer on the bottom and tighten it down with not .



Taking the hood part off , so we can run the wires on the meat okay all right go ahead just take this plastic piece off . This is a number 13 socket wrench take this little nut off ,and this will be a little hard cuz it will rusted on but city look on right now you can step up on the board if you have to .

So we are going to Hook up and splice together the positive and negative to to the light bar , so you re going to need some wire strippers this is a gauge american wire gauge 14 and as that same thing with this we just went to number 14 you want to strip it out like that  strip it off i got . then we are going to twist these together a better connection . i wan to splice this a little bit better to I don’t really get to work with .

Tip it over to red together , the weather proof wire nuts this is going to be good if it’s raining or if you are out mudding or whatever just want these wire nuts on tighten that tug on it make sure you got a good connection same thing for the black  , slide it right on twist it and cargo on it all  right .

We ran the wire behing here , kept these pretty loose this way we can put the tire behind it. Then we tighten it down we loosen this whole piece up so we are going to be able to get wires underneath here and then all the way underneath and into the engine bay we are going to run 14 gauge wire across and now we are going to place all the wires in this area and then we will hook it up we also sit tied to the top because the wire was a little loose and we have tied it here as well then we just clip it off to make it look nice .

We took these two wires we also took the switch  from the set up here and we fish  it across underneath here and you can kind of see it, it goes across and then brought it to the other side where we splice it together for the light and then we hit it down under there now for the switch once we got it to this side .

We ran it underneath here it its and then it goes down through the fire  whatever they call our well firewall and that’s what we ran it through now it’s on the inside of the vehicle so they didn’t really get too much slack they didn’t get too much slack but here it is we probably we are probably going to put it down here or something maybe oh wait a little bit more slack okay so we can maybe put it up here something like that maybe down here not really sure yet because we don’t want to put on the door because we do take the doors off .

We do have some loom tube as this stuff its about si foot piece we are thinking about wrapping it around the red and the black wire going across this way we can protest it against any leather or any thing that might actually rub up against it over time




so that is  the neck all right here we are at the final stage , all right so we tighten this back down we ran the wires underneath all , all the led or spot lights are set up the light bar set up we got the wires around under here we zip tie them make it nice i got it  all hooked up the  thing is they don’t tell you but you got to splice all the reds and all the blacks together

And we are going to last and final step is hook up the negative and the positive where we had here and the positive to the battery and we are all set and that should do it if you have any questions leave them in the comments i’m going to do one final clip  where we got the lights on and see how it looks all right here it is we got the power hooked up the negative hooked up we sit tie them and roll them up and tuck them down in here .should we get an off there so there was a lot of extra slack we zip tie this is side so that’s nice and almost tight there but i should do that as far as the relay goes this is the only question we have not really sure of that needs to be grounded most of switches i have worked with in the past or needed to be grounded but this right here I’m nor a half percent sure we will have to do some more research on this and I will probably leave in the description BUT LETUS FIR IT UP


Closed                                                              Opened   


Products & Tools Used:
1. Allen Wrench
2. Wire Strippers
3. Black Electrical Tape
4. #13 Socket Wrench for 18w LED Light Nuts
5. Wire/Zip Ties (Home Depot) 6.Dryconn Small & Medium Waterproof Connectors for Splicing (Home Depot)
7. Southwire 20 feet 14awg Wire (Black and Red) (Home Depot)
8. Frost King Silicone Tear Drop Profile Self-Stick Weatherseal (Weather Strip for Light Bar Whistling Noise while Driving) (Home Depot)


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