DEXTRUS 15L/595lb Electric Sausage Stuffer, Adjustable Speed Stainless Steel Sausage Machine, Vertical Meat Stuffer Churro Maker with Two Types of Stuffing Nozzles for Commercial & Home Use

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DEXTRUS Metal Bed Frame with Upholstered and Adjustable Headboard, Metal Slat, No Box Spring Needed
This platform bed combines the softness of the linen with the coolness of the metal, creating a sleek and elegant tone; no box-spring needed.
The button design on the upholstered headboard adds a tailored touch that will blend in well with contemporary, industrial, rustic, and other decor styles.
The skin-friendly linen finish and thick foam padding offer superior comfort when you lean on the headboard.

ADJUSTABLE HEADBOARD - There are 2 holes on the back of the headboard for you to adjust the height. Padded Headboard conforms to your body and offers you more comfort when relaxing. The button design on the soft linen headboard adds an elegant feel to the metal bed frame. This platform bed is suitable for contemporary, industrial, rustic decor homes.
HEAVY-DUTY METAL FRAME ?C Features a thick & sturdy metal frame constructed from premium iron to provide the product with a longer lifespan; The bed frame can support up to 400 lbs(Full size)/ 500lbs(Queen Size). This platform bed stands 12" off the floor and offers plenty of space for storing boxes.
STABLE CONSTRUCTION - Triangular structure near the headboard and central metal legs improve overall stability; Sturdy slats provide strong support and prevent the mattress from sagging and extend your mattress lifespan.
NO BOX SPRING NEEDED - Easy to assemble due to the minimalist design; Directly place a mattress pad on the platform bed, no box spring required.
ENJOY SOUND SLEEP- Anti-scratch foot pads for top-notched comfort keep the floor or mats free from harm. VEA pads on slats help to reduce noise.
EASY ASSEMBLY- Packed in one box for moving around easily. It may take you 30 mins to finish the whole assembling with the help of the users?? manual.
Color: Grey
Maximum Weight Capacity: 500 Lbs
Package Includes:
1 x Bed Frame
1. Please kindly known: The Mattress is not included.
2. Confirm the appropriate furniture size for your needs prior to purchase."